Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heavy Heart...wasted time

I have such a heavy heart this morning. I have many prayer requests that I have lifted up to My Father. I never thought being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, cousin, sister in law, daughter in law, friend, receptionist, school teacher, co worker and homemaker (and the list goes on) could be so hard. I have been really struggling in the past few months with what I am suppose to be doing. Life is so very hard. It is so hard to know what you want to do but knowing that is not what God wants for you. So here is where I'm at right now. I'm married to the love of my life, we have 2 beautiful children. I work full time (35-40 hours a week) for a Christian Landscape Company 20 miles from home. Hubby works there too! I home school both kids. Our daughter is in forth grade and our son is in K5. Life is great, Right?? Not so fast Junior. Here is the schedule... I have hardly enough time to get the housework done and spend time with the kids other than school time.

My Schedule
6 am...get up and shower
6:20... wake DD
6:25...Dress for work
6:30...wake hubby and DS DS get dressed
6:45...breakfast for all (cereal)
6:55... make lunches for hubby and I
7:05...get school stuff around for kids
7:15... on the road to drop kids off at my parents and drive to work
7:55... Devotions at work with co workers
8:10...start my day at work
12:15... Lunch
12:45...back to work
4:30...pick kids up
( around in town if needed)
5:00...Home- look at mail
5:10...Start dinner
5:45...Sit down to dinner and talk with family
6:45...clean up dinner dishes (soak in sink) with kids (what they didn't get done at Grandma and papa's)
8:00...Read to kids
8:20...Ready kids for bed in bed
8:45...ready myself for bed TV with Hubby
9:30...Reading (devotions and prayer)
To look at my schedule it don't look to bad. I really just want more time in a day. I know there is some open time here and there. In those cases I am either helping the kids do work or picking up the house. DD does all the laundry for us and that is a BIG help. I still fold it and we both put it away. At work I have a lot of "wasted time". I think this is what is waying so heavy on my heart lately. I feel like I could be more productive than I am. I do use this time to pray and read. I do a lot of research on the Internet for school and this is also time I use to check my email and read blogs.
My husband use to be an over the road truck driver. After much prayer God blessed him with this job working at the same company with me. This is great! We have worked here together for about a year. God is good! DH said he is "getting the itch" to drive again. UGH! God has been working on him I believe in this area. He told me yesterday he was having "flash backs" of him sitting in a rest area and truck stops in the mid west and west coast talking on the phone with me. I don't think it's Gods will for him to be back in the truck again. I pray for clarity there.
Boy just writing my feeling down has made me feel a bit better. Thanks for reading my feeling for today!
Praying for...
  • clarity for DH
  • Peace, wisdom and clarity for me
  • Understanding
  • wood for the winter
  • school to go smoothly
  • patience
  • our pastor and his wife
  • our deacons and their wives
  • Life Adventure club (starts on the 25th)
  • work to be done on time


  • wonderful neighbors willing to give of their garden
  • Parents giving from their garden
  • pay raise (unexpected)
  • parent's who are willing to watch our children
  • Wonderful church family
  • safety in our travels everyday

Hope you all have a Blessed day!


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