Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's that time of year again!

For colds and coughs that is. Yesterday, I had to take time off work because Little Buck was sick. He was running a low grade fever and had a runny nose. I stayed home so I could make sure he took his medicine and drank lots of water. Today he woke up with a horrible cough. I felt so bad. I wanted to take today off too but was unable. I sent him off to Papa's house with some tea bags and honey. Bug-a-boo has strict instructions to make sure he drinks some hot tea with honey today plus lots of water. Medicine at noon! When we got to Papa's house he had to show him how his cough sounded. Poor little guy! I gave him extra kisses and hugs to last the day with instructions to call if need be.

Although, I stayed home to watch after Little Buck yesterday I did get much need work done. The break away from my normal schedule was great! I loved being home and getting stuff done. While Little Buck rested and watched movies, Bug-a-boo and I cleaned the living and dining rooms. I also wanted to get to the kitchen as well but didn't get that far. It needs a good ole scrub down. I'm planning on Saturday for that if nothing comes up. That will make a full day of hard work scheduled but it all needs done. With all the cleaning yesterday that we got done I still have a long list of things that need done before winter. I just need to see who can help do what. Without planting a garden this year, we are relying on the farmers market. I have to make sure I plan that into my schedule for Saturday. I need to buy some apples and butternut squash to can or freeze for the winter.

Next Tuesday is Hubby's 38th birthday! I started making his card yesterday. It's a first for me. I have never made cards or any of that sort of thing before although I love crafts. This is something new for me. Now I just need to finish that up and find that special gift for him. I think instead of a cake I may bake him a deep dish apple pie. I'll need to add Vanilla Ice cream to the shopping list this week.

Praises for today...
  • Little Buck didn't have a high fever this morning
  • The living and dining room are clean
  • Bug-a-boo's willingness to help
  • A boss that understands when I need time off for sick kids

Prayer for today...

  • Little Buck to get better
  • The rest of the family to stay healthy
  • Scheduling to work out
  • Hubby back to get better soon
  • Cold weather to hold off a few more weeks

Hope you all have a blessed day!

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